Bronwyn Poole


I create beautiful individualized & distinctive interiors that you will adore…

Using my approach of decoration as architecture, I will bring your space’s best foot forward while making it resonate with you in a powerful way. I use color, proportion, texture & purpose to tell your design story and deliver a room that genuinely feels as incredible as it looks. I call my technique ‘Space Healing’ because it equally honors the requirements of the room with that of the owner and is the core to creating truly timeless rooms that are immeasurably beautiful, simply because they are a perfect unison.

Since my husband and I relocated to Los Angeles from Sydney Australia with our 3 children in 2014, the universe has provided me with the most wonderful & insightful clients. Engaging me to be their significant other in the remodeling and decoration of their homes, my commitment to them and their space is unwavering. When we approach design with the right intent and partnership, it is transformational. The ripple effect of my craft is what I value most; helping my clients achieve a fully expressed, nurturing space and seeing the impact it has on their life and the impact they then go on to make in the world.