Over the course of my career I have grown to honour the impact ‘home’ has on our life and the very important role I play as a home consultant.

From my own experience, when I make a change to my space I celebrate the warming opportunity for self-expression, but I deeply value the liberating opportunity for personal expansion. An opportunity to create the life I desire in a home that supports this very journey.

As a designer, it is my design appreciation that nurtures the LOOK of a space, but it is my design instinct that enhances the FEEL. Today as an experienced home-maker, (8 homes and counting), I am increasingly present to the most significant design dimension of all, design relevance to EVOLVE our existence.

Fully committing to visualise my clients conscious expression of their evolution is the starting point for my design approach. Here within lies the INSPIRATION I use to inform their best home. A home I have come to appreciate, will inform their best life. This is my design philosophy, my Space Healing.

I host Space Healing sessions to help clients create this type of home, learn about them here.

Founder & Creative Director – Bronwyn Poole

My Blog

I have always identified as a space healer and started my blog, ‘Space Healer’ in January 2012 to talk about interior design in a new light. I believe spaces that feel and heal like home approach design differently. I use my blog to think, probe, explore and seek truth. If you would like to learn more, my featured posts here on the right, may be a good place to start.


Communicating in imagery is such a powerful way to tap into the essence of a subject. I get so much personal enjoyment from my 3 instagram pages. In many ways, they are my visual Who, What & Why….

WHO – Bronwyn Poole

Bronwyn Poole – This is my personal page where I share both my work and way of life. Feel free to follow along!

WHAT – Touch Interiors

Touch Interiors  –  This is my design firms page, where we share our portfolio of work as well as images of interiors that inspire us. We post spaces that speak of a personal journey and don’t scream any one style. A look we aspire to.

WHY – Space Healer

Interiors that feel and heal like home! – This page is dedicated to my design philosophy ‘Space Healing’. I post inspirational quotes and images of interiors that convey my thoughts on design and home making.