The spaces we occupy have the power to affect us in the most profound ways; our mood, our behavior, even our relationships. When I make a change to my space, I embrace the opportunity for self-expression, but also for personal expansion. I see it as an occasion to create the life I want in a home that supports this very journey.

When our home confidently mirrors our deepest desires and the legacy we are creating for our life and our loves ones, so much more energy is freed up to create the life we truly want. Our space becomes a vehicle to reconnect and express our life; a physical manifestation of our potential, a true sanctuary and springboard for joy and success.

Everyone deserves a beautiful nurturing space so when I design spaces for others I’m sensitive to not overlook the very roots that make a room special. I’ve always had a diverse and curious design appreciation that solidifies the look of my rooms, and an innate design instinct that enhances their feel, yet it is design relevance that has the power to evolve and direct our existence. Understanding this I look to my clients to inspire so I can visualize their truest wants to inform my vision of their best home.

Observation is a central technique to my space healing process as I approach each design with the question of ‘why’ before jumping in with ‘what’ solutions. As an interior anthropologist, I read my client’s subliminal, (and sometimes not so subliminal), messages, by decoding culture, heritage, dress sense, language, career, ethics, interests, goals and ambitions to map together their aesthetic values. At the same time I’m scoping their space to evaluate it’s own aesthetic values, things like context, light levels, flow, ambience, architectural relevance, room size, material juxtaposition, just to name a few. The harmonious compromise of the two value systems is where my special brand of space lies.

Space Healing is a series of design techniques to transform your life from the outside in by following my unique process which designs from the inside out. It is my cerebral and intuitive approach to design to deliver therapeutic spaces that feel energized yet tranquil, spaces that satisfy individual persuasions and spaces that truly feel like home. I often refer to it as decorative architecture for the soul, where the skilful selection of symbols and structures are harmoniously woven into a space guided by color, proportion, texture and purpose. Spaces suddenly have an identity by restoring interest and order, with an aesthetic value that reflects a life’s journey and legacy in waiting.

When we walk into a space that has been designed this way, we recognize how unique it is and beautiful beyond the confines of style. It cannot be easily described or replicated. It must be experienced. When we experience something so in sync and authentic it is magnetic. Much like a person living their life in flow, a room in flow is as admired. People leave thinking, I want that for myself, but how? It has taken me the better part of my career to define this ‘how’, my design process, which I affectionately refer to as Space Healing.

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